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Uncompromising world leaders in Television, Radio and Entertainment choose MultiBrand Media International, LLC and its subsidiaries to provide VIP access to experienced experts and consultants, unique products and customized services.

MBMI team members possess dynamic vision and skills to innovate intelligent solutions to the complex challenges and opportunities that a global economy presents.

MBMI’s respected international television, radio and media executives, digital and social platform trendsetters, content producers, musicologists, certified trainers and researchers create an unprecedented menu of resources that deliver incremental value to our clients in extreme confidentiality. Worldwide.

Inside, discover the differences offered by MBMI. Then call us at (+1) 469.362.1423 or email us at, any time, 24/7/365. Because the world never sleeps.

At MBMI, deeply skilled advisors access the entire bandwidth of our company to achieve top results. That's why we stand heads and shoulders above the other guys.



Listening is the first step to understanding, and it is crucial to the consulting process.

​Every assignment is unique, so we listen to understand every nuance, understand your company, and understand how to address your needs in a meaningful way.

Unlike many consultants, we have learned that listening ensures that our teams recognize and address the differences in cultures and customs in the various regions in which we do business. This helps us to more quickly to achieve the goals of our clients. We reject cookie cutter ideas.

Listening before talking. Pretty cool, huh?


MBMI employs advanced problem solving skills that create exponential value for your company. We apply laser-like focus and follow-through to every step of your project’s process.

Leaders of top global performers insist upon excellence and product category domination.

From finance to fulfillment to final exit strategy, or at any point in between, MBMI delivers critical thinking, innovative tactics, detailed execution and deep resources to open new doors to achieve top performance.

That’s why when CEOs and COOs talk about companies that know their stuff, they talk about MBMI.


Winning results depend upon superior knowledge, data analysis, and perfectly executed tactical application of strategies contained in a clearly written plan.

Every person involved in the process must understand his job and why it is mission critical. There must be process measurement and accountability.  Best practices are not optional.

MBMI provides knowledge-based, real life action plans, and then we help you see them to fruition…to the results you expect and require.

MBMI develops solutions with vision that achieve clear results.


MBMI is proud of its gold standard reputation as an international Radio, Television and Digital Content consulting company. Sure, our expert consultants know the right songs to play, the clothes that your news anchors should wear, and the best way to present J-Lo’s latest dress at the Grammys on a website, but we deliver success on information and strategies that reach much deeper into our clients’ brands and the preferences of their consumers.

MBMI supports many broadcast revenue staples that other consulting companies overlook or only discuss peripherally, like Event Management and Alliance Marketing. MBMI even partners with our sister companies to create value-added experiences for our clients. Maximized Brand Marketing International creates full advertising campaigns, website designs and other creative, while Valoriant Safety provides security planning, training and personal protection for your event and performers. Valoriant Safety may limit your liability, too, and insures a safe performance environment.

MBMI content products are unmatched in the industry. Our social media services are crisp, concise and confidential. Television talent training is meaningful and productive.

If you’re in the communications business, trust MBMI products and services for support. Our clients rely on our unwavering integrity, honesty and quality, and our commitment to satisfaction guarantees a high touch, hands-on relationship. We’ll prove it to you beginning with our first meeting.

Take a look at the services and products we provide. If your business requires a service we haven’t mentioned, or if you just would like to confidentially discuss your business, call us. We have experts waiting for you.

Broadcast & Media
Whether you engage in Television, Radio, Online Audio Streaming, Electronic Publishing, Content Development, Social Media, Studio Recording or Direct Contact Marketing, count on MBMI to be a steady partner in your ongoing success. read more
Event Marketing
Choose MBMI to act as your hands-on event management group, and we will deliver a high return event that will be as cost-efficient and well-run as it is remarkable for your customers and low maintenance for you. read more
MBMI Answers, the research arm of MBMI, is like a lab filled with mad scientists who are completely focused on translating vast data tables, charts and graphs, into easy-to-understand answers about your business, products, services, facilities and consumers.  Then we provide you with simple-to-follow action steps that will help you organize your team, optimize your work flow, and maximize your profits. read more

Premiere Networks

MBMI represents outstanding products through an exclusive sales representation agreement with Premiere Networks in Russia, Latvia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey.

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