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MBMI: Your Trusted Partner in Success.




Uncompromising world leaders in Television, Radio and Entertainment choose MultiBrand Media International, LLC and its subsidiaries to provide VIP access to experienced experts and consultants, unique products and customized services.

MBMI team members possess dynamic vision and skills to innovate intelligent solutions to the complex challenges and opportunities that a global economy presents.

MBMI’s globally-based team of television, radio and media executives, digital and social platform trendsetters, content producers, musicologists, certified trainers and researchers create an unequalled menu of resources that deliver incremental value to our clients in extreme confidentiality. Worldwide.

Let’s talk about the MBMI difference. (+1) 469.362.1423 or email

At MBMI, deeply skilled advisors access the entire bandwidth of our company to achieve top results. That's why we stand heads and shoulders above the other guys.


Listening the first step to understanding. It’s crucial to the consulting process and, ultimately, our ability to help you succeed.

Every client is unique, so we listen to understand the nuances of your challenges and your company as a whole. That’s the only way that we can meaningfully address your needs.

Listening ensures that our consultants recognize the uniqueness of your corporate and operational cultures. We celebrate the differences in customs of the various countries and regions in which MBMI works, and listening and understanding them helps us help your business.

Listening before talking. Pretty cool, huh?

MBMI consultants possess advanced problem solving skills that improve your operation and create exponential value.

We apply laser-like focus to every aspect of your project’s process, foster a new level of critical thinking and employee innovation, engineer strategic and tactical plans, execute perfectly, and provide deep resources that open new doors to achieve top performance.

From finance to final exit strategy and every step in between, CEO’s and COOs talk to MBMI when they face tough problems. You should, too. Insist upon excellence and product category domination. Insist on MultiBrand Media International.

Superior knowledge. Insightful data analysis. Clearly written and actionable strategies and tactics.

These are the pillars of winning.

MBMI helps your employees understand the importance of mission critical assignments, measurement and accountability. Because “Best Practices” aren’t optional.

We deliver experience-based, real life action plans. Then we are your partner in seeing them to fruition. Nothing matters except the achievement of the results that you expect and require.

Vision. Planning. Solutions. Results. MultiBrand Media International.


A gold standard reputation for delivering top performance in Broadcast and Digital Content and Consulting doesn’t just happen. It relies upon the knowledge of the people who advise you: The right songs to play, the anchor’s wardrobe, or the story behind J-Lo’s Grammy dress designer. These are just the part that the audience hears, sees, and shares across social. MBMI takes you deeper.

MBMI Research gets to the bottom of why topics are trending, why brands are popping, and what transforms your audience into loyal consumers and how to make them spend more time with your platform. Imagine a lab filled with mad scientists who are completely focused on translating vast data tables, charts and graphs into easy-to-understand answers. Then MBMI Research provides you with simple-to-follow action steps that help you to organize your team, optimize your work flow, and maximize your profits. Learn more here.

MBMI content is unmatched in the industry. In North America, we represent the fact-checked editorial, high-resolution images and video of COVERmedia and Wenn, two of the world’s largest content creators in the digital space. In several European countries, MBMI represents Premiere Networks, with critically acclaimed products like On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Talent and executives turn to MBMI for career and personal brand enhancement and professional training through the MBMI Career Rehab program.

From Istanbul to Encino, the global Media Industry trusts MBMI products and services for support. Unwaivering integrity, honesty and quality are the hallmarks of our company. Our commitment to client satisfaction guarantees a high touch, hands-on relationship. We’ll prove it to you during our first meeting.

When it’s the right time to confidentially discuss your business, call us. We have experts waiting to help.

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MBMI consultants will do our best to help you. For free.

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