Is Content Still King?

Is Content Still King

Is Content Still King?February 2, 2015

broadcast + new media - By: Bill Pasha

In the interest of transparency, MultiBrand Media represents and sells two exceptional sources for radio content; COVERmedia and Premiere Networks.

COVERmedia is one of the top sources in the world for online lifestyle, entertainment, beauty and fashion news and high-resolution photos. MBMI represents the product throughout North America and in many parts of the world.

Premier Networks

Premiere Networks is the Rolls Royce of syndicators, featuring name brand services, from production aids to content superstars, like Ryan Seacrest and Nikki Sixx. MBMI represents Premiere Networks in nine European countries.

Our MBMI team is as proud of these brands as we are of the customized content we create for our clients. As lifelong broadcasters and content producers, we have developed a seven-point short list to determine whether or not your content meets your audience’s expectations of greatness:

      • To what extent does your audience care about what you offer? There are different levels of engagement by your audience. Does your content touch them in a personal way? Does it relate to their basic human needs, like love, warmth, shelter, and sustenance? Do you take care to be sure that you target your content to their preferences? Do you KNOW their preferences?
      • Is your content logically curated for the audience? You probably would not order tomato soup after angel food cake, so be sure that what you offer is presented in a logical way for consumption? A bad curator can destroy great content. Choose carefully.
      • Does your content tell a story or is it comprised of boring facts? Content, regardless of targeting, should tell a complete story. Presenters and writers must braid together the beginning, middle and end of any story dialogue. The pay-off to the audience must be, at minimum, an even trade for the time invested by the audience that consumes the content. Too often, our consultants see , hear and read rambling content that simply serves no purpose in the end. That is one sure way of forcing turnover.
      • Is the storyline easy to follow and continuous? It should be. Everyone likes a soap opera that carries over from one episode to the next. When possible, your content should be a reliable point of return for the members of your “club,” but accessible to someone who has never before consumed the content.
      • Is your content memorable? Whether recorded or in writing, the consumer should be able to paraphrase and repeat to friends. The litmus test is whether you can hardly wait to consume the next piece of content that you offer.
      • Does the story evoke a strong personal relationship with the author or storyteller? Do consumers of your content feel closer to you after the content is finished? Do they feel like you might be a good person as a neighbor? Do they feel that your written content is true and trustworthy, or do they at least understand that it isn’t meant to be either?
      • Is the content so good, that you would PAY FOR IT? That should be the goal you have in mind every time. In fact, maybe this should have been the only checkpoint on the list. Your audience is comprised of busy people who offer you their time willingly. They expect that you will compensate them with a true experience that they can enjoy over and over.

Last week, many of our team attended a memorial service for a real showman. He was known for his philanthropy, his cutting edge ability to discern the needs of his audience, and he was able to get them to bond with his presenters.

It wasn’t surprising, then, to note that his memorial service was an orchestrated production that included a wide array of fabulous musical performances by a member of The Backstreet Boys and the Von Trapp children, a eulogy by Wayne Newton, a video message from Sharon Stone, and even some interesting stories from animal expert Jack Hanna. A tiny grandchild delivered a moving tribute to her grandfather. This was targeted content at its finest, and our friend’s last opportunity to entertain us while celebrating his life.

My friend understood and lived by the premise that Content Is King. Will your friends and colleagues say the same about you when your career comes to an end?

We hope so.

The next time you need noteworthy content, call us at MBMI for a free consultation. We’ll be glad to provide more landmarks for your journey into today’s hottest content products and offer some advice on how to make it good programming and top content pay for itself while building your audience.

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Bill Pasha

Bill Pasha is President/CEO of The MBMI Companies, LLC., the parent firm of MultiBrand Media International, Maximized Brand Marketing International and Valoriant Safety. Before joining the entrepreneurial world, Bill was recognized as one of the top Program Directors in America and as an authority on consumer consumption of media. He continues to consult broadcasters around the world.

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