Core Branding Qualities for the Hospitality Industry
In the hotel, restaurant and cruise line businesses, top of mind awareness is the first and foremost goal of any successful operator.


It might seem that branding would be a first nature function of hospitality management, but all too often MBMI Maximized Brand Marketing consultants find the exact opposite to be true. If you manage any business that serves the hospitality sector, we offer these simple Core Branding Qualities for your review. Feel free to put them to work or pass them along to someone who needs them. (more…)

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One bad apple can quickly erase the long-term efforts of a group of others.

The Value of One ManAugust 6, 2014

Customer Relations / hospitality / Leadership - By: Bill Pasha
During the past week, I was treated to an executive level, advanced course in Customer Service. The week wasn’t supposed to be a learning experience for me. In fact, I was supposed to be nothing more than a willing participant in a long anticipated few days of rest and relaxation.

I work with one of the finest five-star hotel groups in the world. I deal regularly with people for whom guest service is a way of life, but it took a concierge onboard a cruise ship to demonstrate how one man, and one man alone, can make or break your company or mine.

His name is Francis. He is a native of a Pacific Rim nation, who came to the United States to work at sea, serving well-heeled customers in hopes of contributing to his family’s future. He spends as many as six consecutive months at sea, living in shared quarters like a college student, using Skype as his only lifeline to his wife and darling daughter. That doesn’t make him special, though, because many immigrants, legal and otherwise, come to the United States to work and benefit from our generosity.

What makes Francis different from the rest is that he singlehandedly changed my mind about an entire company. (more…)

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