Media MaelstromJuly 22, 2016

Media - By: Bill Pasha
Cops kill innocent citizens. Define “innocent.” Black Lives Matter. Don’t all lives matter? Why must “All lives matter” be a divisive statement? When did “Rest in Peace” become cheesy radio promotion copy, instead of the revered and meaningful prayer it once was? It’s true. I heard it on a Dallas radio station after the murder of five officers. The phrase was flanged and aggressive and silly, without any consideration for the grieving families. Why must talking heads yell over one other until viewers are so confused about what is real and what is not, that they turn off their sets in droves?

Like our consumers, I am tired of it. I am voting with my time and, like this election, I’m voting against, not with. As a broadcaster, why do you allow such burnout to happen? Is it your boss, your company, your friends? You? (more…)

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