5 Habits of a Great CommunicatorOctober 17, 2015

Brand Loyalty / Customer Relations / Identity - By: Multibrand Media

The New Business Paradigm demands Great Communicators. Your clients and customers expect you to be active on all platforms.  It creates a picture of trust more easily.

Communication stopped being a one-way street on the day that you posted your first Facebook or Twitter update.  Thus, these are Top 5 Habits of a Great Communicator in The New Business World.

           1.   Trust matters

Results come only after your team, customers and clients trust you. Sadly, the majority of businesspeople trust others only after success is achieved. People need to feel and believe that you are available to them now,  and that you will always be there when they need you. Want to show that you listen in the New Business World?  Try being the Bearer of Treats. The next time you walk into a meeting, take coffee with you, selected because you’ve memorizes what flavors the attendees enjoy. This demonstrates the insight you have into the person, that you’re an observer of people, and the coffee is a vehicle to encourage a relationship of open and effective communication.


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