before you go to that dreadful budget meeting and dismiss the possibility of hiring pros, think of the situation you’ll create for the future of your company

Hiring AmateursNovember 27, 2014

broadcast + new media / radio / team building - By: Multibrand Media
If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.

The budget friendly option is tempting. Especially during periods of economic turmoil with no solution on the horizon. I’ve witnessed members of the board who decided to hire a technician who thinks a lot but knows very little. Inevitably, those board members tend to be very sorry for their actions. At the end of the day, it costs them too much.

Too many self-proclaimed media or brand gurus have persuaded themselves that they are in the know; actually calling themselves revolutionaries of their businesses. These people become the quick fix, and we all know how attractive a quick fix is to someone who is desperate.

Differentiation is a great buzz word right now and it seems everyone wants to fight the Status Quo. Don’t let these trendy phrases and concepts allow so-called soft-spoken “fighters for better tomorrow” to destroy what you have built.

Too few leaders recognize that even Steve Jobs created staggering ideas and proposals that, sadly, had no market value.

So, what happens when reality strikes? We know that it does strike far too often and without mercy. It takes no hostages. It does not negotiate. (more…)

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In your professional life are you genuinely happy for others who earn rewards for their work, or do you envy and resent them? Do you offer a helping hand regardless of who will receive credit, or do you keep your tasks to yourself in hopes of gaining personal glory?

The Wolves Inside UsOctober 29, 2014

career / team building - By: Bill Pasha
Last week’s terrible school shooting north of Seattle reminded us that conflict in the school or the workplace is a fact of life. In some cases of late, it has been a fact of lifelong pain and suffering. When disagreement escalates in a work or school environment, it takes cool heads to diffuse a potentially deadly situation.

Far from the violence we saw last week, recently one of our teams watched a petty office issue between two employees gather steam until the boiler was about to burst. Just then, the owner of the business overheard the shouting and stepped into the discussion. He asked both parties to join us in his office.

He looked at the men and said, “Guys, what I just saw was unnecessary and unprofessional. It could ruin one of your careers, and I like both of you, so please let me share a story while you guys cool down a bit.” He gave them bottled water from his office fridge, handing both bottles to the man closest to him, to force him to offer the remaining bottle to his co-worker.  (more…)

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