A Secure Workplace: A Right, Not a Privilege

Shooter in the lobbyFebruary 25, 2015

Personal Protection / Safety & Security / tips - By: Multibrand Media
In recent years, most media companies around the world have worried only about their IT safety measures. Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks this January, our perception of security in Europe, the knowledge that you were more likely to arrive home in one piece after a day’s work than not, that was always taken for granted, has changed. Now we nervously glance over our shoulders for suspicious characters, profiling, looking for a man in an overcoat on a hot day, just in case our media product might be understood by some idealist to be provocative. We no longer like to stay in the office by ourselves, and we certainly don’t feel welcoming towards uninvited guests in our office buildings.

Yes, times have changed. I’ve seen it.  I watched a lone gunman enter a building, completely unchallenged, to shoot and kill two of friends and business associates.

The World has changed.

In many countries, Freedoms of Press and Speech that are necessary to create engaging entertainment, simply are not that “free” anymore.

Now we struggle for personal protection from an outside evil without a country, without a face, and without a conscience.

Safety comes in many forms; A policeman, young soldier, or government official. But what do we do when we are alone?  What do we do on that unthinkable day when the shooter comes calling in our lobby? (more…)

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10 steps to a successful career in radio by Bill Pasha - Multibrand Media International

Ten Steps to a Successful CareerMay 2, 2014

career / radio / tips - By: Bill Pasha

Yesterday, a very good friend of mine scored an incredible, out-of-this-world radio programming job.

Knowing my friend as I do, this position is custom made for him and it is in one of the cities he desired to be in the most: New York City.

My buddy has been extremely successful there before, just as he has been successful in virtually every challenge he has accepted. (more…)

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10 Things Not to Say In a Job Interview

10 Things Not to Say In a Job InterviewMarch 5, 2014

tips - By: Bill Pasha
While it’s tempting to walk straight into an interview, it’s easy to make a mistake without preparing yourself first. No matter how confident you may feel as a job seeker, there’s always a chance you could say something during an interview that could cost you the job.
Job seekers not only should prepare examples of their experience for the interview, but also they should know what’s appropriate and inappropriate to say. Although you are concerned with finding a job to help you advance your career, it’s important to be prepared for the interview with examples that will highlight your skills for the position.
If you’re wondering what you can do to prevent your interview from going downhill, here are 10 things to avoid saying to the interviewer (more…)
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