Our feet may hurt, but our professional souls have never felt better.


It has been a huge three-week period for radio broadcasters and MBMI has made the most of every minute of every day.

Last week, the industry flocked to Hollywood, CA for three days of learning, listening, eating, drinking and networking, called Worldwide Radio Summit 2014. The event enjoyed its fourth year in 2014, attracting the biggest and most influential roster of radio and music industry professionals that we have enjoyed since the era of Radio & Records gatherings. The difference claimed by this conference, is that it actually promotes the business in positive ways and facilitates learning at all levels.


The storied pros like Fred Jacobs and Mike McVay mingled with powerful newcomers, label veterans (Yep, we saw Tony Smith), and music legends like Nikki Sixx. We might even rightly categorize Nikki as a ‘radio guy,’ too, given the success of his Premiere Networks syndicated radio program, Sixx Sense. In full disclosure, MBMI represents Nikki’s program…and the entire body of Premiere Network offerings…in Russia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Latvia, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey and Greece. Call us if you’d like to know more about any Premiere product.

The commercial is over, but the star power remains. WWRS 2014 covered the important stuff: Connected dashboards, Tech Survey 10, the curated consumer selected music threat, comparisons between international radio and what is heard domestically in the US, morning show training, live and local versus centralized programming, research and its intelligent application to programming, methods to improve our digital stakes, and more. Somehow, WWRS2014’s Joel Denver and Sat Bisla even created the All Access band. While Daughtry and Christina Perri don’t have to look over their shoulders just yet (Their performances brought down the private party at Hard Rock Café), the showcase section gave perennial favs like Danny Buch a musical voice.

Given the level of social media from WWRS2014, it will only continue to grow and become a bigger force in radio. MBMI is proud to have been a sponsor of the event. It’s okay. We thought the lanyards were ugly, too, and we paid for them.

During the week before WWRS, much of the rest of the world converged on Dublin, Ireland for RadioDays Europe 2014. Again, as a major supporter of the event, MBMI’s crew may be a little biased, but we can’t imagine a more lively and productive gathering.

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MBMI president, Bill Pasha, attended the convention with MBMI digital and social media guruette, Isabel Boschi, European programming consultant Robert Brndusic-Dedus, and WWRS2014 Consultant of the Year, Paige Nienaber.

Paige is represented outside of North America by MBMI. Paige is a renowned marketing and promotions consultant to the broadcast and entertainment industries. He also is a widely published author who has penned the definitive standards for his section of radio, TV and online, and made them available in his books. Look in this month’s MBMI Newsletter for discount coupons, so that you may add his weaponry to your arsenal.


The range of topics at RDE was carefully selected by a review board that is comprised of some of the top continental names in the field. The leadership and execution of the event, which included a large, informative and entertaining exhibition floor this year, was complemented by insightful and often humorous seminars.

As long time broadcasters, our only negative regarding RDE, is that some speakers used their platforms to self-promote in a most undignified way. Sure, we understand that event sponsors produce some seminars, and they identify themselves professionally. In those cases, attendees may choose to attend such a sponsored presentation, or not. But we find it unconscionable that some ‘professionals’ who are invited by the Board to speak on various topics, instead use the stage as a bully pulpit, from which those speakers tout the wonderful attributes of their latest and greatest projects and interests. Those speakers, while on some level are mildly amusing to ethical speakers and delegates, taint the pool for those who really care about the advancement of the entire industry. If you were one of those who put your own interests ahead of those who invested time and treasure to hear you speak, shame on you. But a hearty Bravo! To the organizers who put on the very best of shows. We can hardly wait for Milan in 2015.

This week, MBMI’s TV programming and producer/video editing expert, Dennis Kutchera, is visiting Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual confab. Dennis is putting to work his field expertise and vast experience, by reporting on the latest and greatest technologies, ideas and hot slot machines, on MBMI’s social media, including TwitterFacebook and Instagram. If you are onsite, don’t miss the opportunity to join in our discussions, at facebook.com/multibrandmedia, twitter@multibrandmedia, or post to our Instagram page.

The last three weeks have been filled with 14-hour days on our feet, wonderful social opportunities, and trying to give back to radio more than we take. Our feet may hurt, but our professional souls have never felt better.

Next week, look for a column by Robert Dedus that gives you an actual checklist to support your success. Until then, remember that positive evolution always begins with a good idea. We can help bring yours out into the world.

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