THINK BIGApril 19, 2014

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Think Big. Before you contemplate changes that may affect your content, ask yourself a few simple and enlightening questions:

  • Why is change necessary?
  • How does the station’s history affect today’s expectations?
  • Does the audience have any attachment to the current content?
  • How does my coverage area affect my competitive ability to change?
  • What is my audience profile?
  • Does my music meet and exceed audience expectations and do I execute it perfectly?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my presenters?
  • What result should my marketing plan create, and do I have the resources to execute that plan flawlessly?
  • How will my competitors react to my planned changes?
  • Where does the new content fit into the mix of already available radio products?
  • How will the new content alter my audience?
  • How do the changes fill an audience or advertiser need?
  • How large is the opportunity for the change? (Don’t do it if the opportunity is too narrow.)
  • Is there new and reliable research available that may confirm my plans or change my mind?
  • What is the experience level of the management team?
  • Is the management experience suitable to the challenge of change?
  • What will define a win, and how does it look and feel to my team, the advertisers and the audience?

Listen to your listeners.

Think big!  But remember that big thinking requires with big and thoughtful consideration.

Any new project should begin with a notebook filled with questions. Do not rely only on your intuition because only empirical information creates compelling outcomes.

Do not expect your marketing to overcome all of your negatives. It won’t. It may even reinforce bad perceptions about your product, so make sure that what comes out of the speakers is right before you put any plan in motion.

Be fiscally conservative. Change will always cost more that you project. Behave like it is all yours and you’re responsible for every cent spent. Because you are.

Don’t waste resources on negative or inexperienced people.  They often contribute poor strategic decisions and execution.

What worked once doesn’t grant instant credibility today.  Assumptions that successful efforts will always succeed, most often lead to disappointment because things change, audiences change, and, let’s face it, you’re about to change, too.

Examine every aspect of your operation until you determine two or three scenarios for doing business that you have never tried. This is an especially important area where big thinking often yields hugely positive results.  try new approaches, sales methods, and remarkable marketing.

Today, we win only when we objectively analyze, meticulously plan, and execute perfectly. Seek outside, honest and experienced opinions from people who are better versed than you about your proposed alterations.  These people should be big thinkers, too, but possess the ability to view your plans from a fresh perspective and then offer you theirs.

Listen to your listeners. If they say that any competitor offers a better product, that may be true, and only those listeners can tell you what would motivate them to change their listening habits.

Once you have listened to your audience, do what you say you will do. Ove-rdeliver on your promises and their expectations. If you guarantee you play “Hits Only”, then play them proudly with little fear of repetition. If you claim the best morning show, hire one, train the presenters and exhaust resources in your effort to entertain your audience. Deliver the message as promised.

Keep your message simple. Describe the user experience (as listeners or advertisers) in one simple sentence. Show people that you respect their time and can provide real, unduplicated benefits by creating your change.

Most importantly, surround yourself with intelligent experts and invest in their knowledge, information and proper solutions. And whatever you do, THINK BIG! Success is only one idea away.

Your Turn

What challenges have you encountered when making changes to your content? Share with us by commenting below.

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