Event Marketing

There are a lot of ways to advertise and expose your business to consumers, but interactive and experiential marketing through events like concerts, fairs, sporting contests and other places where large crowds gather can be among the most effective.

Let’s face it. Chances are that your everyday core business strengths do not include leasing stages, back line sound or lighting, arranging for catering and security, obtaining necessary permits, or selling onsite advertising to third parties to offset costs and generate profits. You’ve probably never been asked to negotiate performance riders or buy rain insurance. Accomplishing these tasks is second nature to MBMI’s Event Marketing unit. Our team members have created giant revenue earning concepts and events since the 1970s.  Concerts, trade shows, fly-away retreats, contesting, fairs, charity fundraisers, and even Presidential Inaugurations, are routine for MBMI’s event professionals, and MBMI boasts some of the top programming minds for telethon and radiothon fundraising.

The road to any event worth doing is covered with potholes.  MBMI will offer experience and insight to help you avoid them. Even better, choose MBMI to act as your hands-on event management group, and we will deliver a high return event that will be as cost-efficient and well-run as it is remarkable for your customers and low maintenance for you.