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Bill Pasha

Prior to founding and becoming President of MultiBrand Media International and The MBMI Companies, LLC, Bill’s career as a Media Executive in the United States and Canada spanned more than three decades. He served in Corporate Vice President positions for programming, research and marketing at Entercom, CBS Radio, Infinity Broadcasting, American Radio Systems, and Paxson/PAX Communications. Bill has been honored as one of America’s Five Best Program Directors and he earned nominations as Radio Executive and International Radio Consultant of the Year. He received the Westinghouse Chairman’s Customer Service Award in 1990. Pasha served fourteen years on the Arbitron Advisory Council (now Nielsen Ratings), including two years as National Programmer At-Large. He is recognized as an expert in research analysis and application and co-authored a white paper investigating “Radio’s Role During a National Crisis” after the 9/11 attacks. Through MBMI, Bill has provided support to broadcasters, digital publishers and content creators across the globe. As The MBMI Companies’ senior executive, Bill manages the organization’s diverse enterprises in Broadcast Consulting, Hospitality and Retail Product Marketing, Entertainment Security, and Digital Design and Publishing. Bill Pasha is also a member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce International Business Committee and served on the Steering Committee of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation in Frisco, Texas, one of the fastest growing cities in America.

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David Pearlman

In David’s forty years as a highly successful and respected intra/entrepreneur in the Radio, Media and Professional Sports businesses, he has set industry standards for innovation and sales success while developing some of America’s best known talent and management. David is the former Co-Chief Operating Officer of CBS Radio and Co-Founder of American Radio Systems, a publicly traded 96-station group that was sold to CBS for a then-record enterprise price of $2.4 Billion. He previously spent fourteen years delivering record results for Westinghouse Broadcasting. Pearlman is a past Chairperson of the Arbitron Advisory Council and Vice Chairman of the Radio Advertising Bureau. ​David is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston College and earned an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Boston University School of Management. David serves MultiBrand Media International as a Senior Advisor for business operations, finance, sales development and the US domestic sales of the CoverMedia product.

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Mary Jo MacLaughlin

Mary Jo MacLaughlin is MBMI’s Business Management Specialist helping clients with strategic planning initiatives, quality management projects, and assisting them in the fulfillment of process design and improvement objectives. Mary Jo’s extensive management and consulting background spans more than three decades. She has held senior management positions and has provided consulting services to state and municipal government agencies, healthcare and not for profit organizations, in addition to a variety of business entities throughout the United States. Mary Jo is a graduate of Western Michigan University and holds a Masters Degree from St Josephs College. In addition to assisting MBMI clients, she currently is a professor at a Southwest Florida university where her course offerings include Strategic Planning and Quality Management.

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Robert Brndušič-Deduš

Robert serves MultiBrand Media as an Authorized Agent and Consultant in Europe, overseeing an office in Vienna, Austria, and representing our services throughout Europe. Deduš is a new style communicator who founded Slovenia’s Medija Servis, a European media consulting and research provider, operated and marketed by MultiBrand Media International since 2012. Robert’s unique approaches to product research, positioning and marketing, talent development and overall brand management have been recognized by many of Europe’s most influential media corporations. His fresh outlook and cutting edge ideas have resulted in Robert’s status as a highly sought-after broadcast and marketing advisor. Robert speaks ten languages and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Srednja zdravstvena sola Maribor and he studied at Ljubljani University for Doctorates in Theology and Philosophy.

At MBMI, deeply skilled advisors access the entire bandwidth of our company to achieve top results. That's why we stand heads and shoulders above the other guys.

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Dennis Kutchera

Dennis is MBMI’s Television & Web Media Technology Specialist, advising clients on TV, video post and production issues. His deep technical background spans four decades and Dennis’ resume reads like a “Who’s Who” of Canadian broadcasting, the country in which he resides with his family. Dennis has held senior leadership roles for CityTV, YTV, CBC and The Image Group in Toronto, and he was Chief Technical Officer for Egg Studios in Halifax. He also has managed broadcast operations in Russia, Finland and the Baltics. Dennis is a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada.

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Bob Kilduff

Bob is President of KBADesign, a full service architecture, interior design and planning  firm that provides services across the United States and internationally. As a leader in architecture and design for media and information services, banks, hotels and restaurants, Bob lends his personal expertise to MBMI’s client-partners. Bob’s hands-on approach to MBMI projects as a Senior Contractor includes his personal supervision, regardless of project complexity or size. Bob earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Texas Tech University, is a Registered Architect in multiple jurisdictions, and is NCARB Certified.