When nature hits, we still have Radio

When Nature hits we still have radio. #floods #serbiafloods #bosniafloods #poplave #poplavesrbija #poplavebosna #poplavehrvatska #floodscroatia

When nature hits, we still have RadioMay 20, 2014

radio - By: Multibrand Media

MBMI works throughout the world to advise top broadcasters. Fortunately for us, we also count among our most valued associates Robert Brndusic-Dedus, who lives in Slovenia and operates our Vienna office.

Robert is more than a “radio guy.” He is a trained and licensed surgical nurse, an EMT, a philanthropist and an all around good human being.

Last week, Robert, his family, his extended family, and many throughout the Balkans were brought to their knees by a weather event that received very little attention in North America. Families have lost their homes, businesses, food and water supplies, and more, due to disastrous flooding that has affected more than two-thirds of the region.

Tomorrow, Robert leaves with a Red Cross convoy that will offer support, supplies, medical attention and hope to the region. We admire Robert and support him in this effort. We hope that you will offer your thoughts and prayers for Robert and the people who he will assist on this journey.

If you operate a media outlet of any type in the flooded region, MBMI would like to offer its support to you, for free. If there is anything that we can do to help you as you deal with this disaster, please contact us. We stand ready to assist.

Good luck,

Bill Pasha
MultiBrand Media International, LLC
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When nature hits, we still have Radio

In South-East Europe, we’re currently facing nature’s wrath in all its glory. Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia are hit with floods that managed to cover 2/3 of the whole region. Entire cities simply don’t exist anymore. Roads, houses, churches, temples and mosques … everything gone.
In the last 500 years nothing of such proportions has happened to this region. We are simply left speechless. If it wasn’t for Radio, of course.
It all started last Friday May 16th, when Serbian association of Radio released pre-produced emergency audio files for all Radio Stations in Serbia to broadcast. After that, all stations simply came together, organized and started the biggest humanitarian campaign in the history of Serbian broadcast. Every single Radio Station started broadcasting emergency messages, dropping their formats, cancelling their promotions and focusing on what’s of upmost importance, human life.
Then Bosnia reacted. After that Croatia. It still is amazing to see how the media everyone said is dying, is helping people stay alive in the midst of the biggest natural disaster in the history of Balkans.
Why is all this so important and tear breaking? Do you remember 90’s? Well, all these countries mentioned were at War with each other not so long ago. Now, seeing the armies of once enemies coming together helping children, elderly in mission to preserve and not to take lives, is simply breathtaking.
Even Slovenia, Austria, Macedonia, Germany and Sweden joined in humanitarian campaigns to help victims of the floods. And mostly, we’ve been able to see that Radio STILL matters. Because when everything else breaks and shuts down, we can still count on the caring voice that sends the message of humanity.
Today, I’m not afraid for the future of Radio, because I’ve seen it works. I’ve seen people react because of the words they heard from the speakers. Radio IS A FRIEND. And most of all, Radio makes friends.

You can see and listen to the audio files from Serbian Radio Association here.

There are still numerous Radio Stations across the region organizing humanitarian help and gathering aide for the victims.

Slovenian and Croatian stations have also been broadcasting today the “Thank you from people of Serbia and Bosnia” audio file sent from Serbian and Bosnian broadcasters.

I’d be more poetic and I’d be happy to write in better English, but my hands are shaking for the last three days. I hope I managed to describe to you small victories of Radio in Balkan. Pray for the victims. More than 100 thousands are left with no home to return to. Pray. Thank you.

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Robert Brndušič-Deduš
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Deduš is a new style communicator who founded Slovenia's Medija Servis, a European media consulting and research provider, operated and marketed by MultiBrand Media International since 2012. Robert's unique approaches to product research, positioning and marketing, talent development, and overall brand management, have been recognized by many of Europe's most influential media corporations.

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