What you don’t know can hurt you.

That is why MBMI provides its clients with a full range of research products and analytical tools.

MBMI Answers, the research arm of MBMI, is like a lab filled with mad scientists who are completely focused on translating vast data tables, charts and graphs, into easy-to-understand answers about your business, products, services, facilities and consumers. Then we provide you with simple-to-follow action steps that will help you organize your team, optimize your work flow, and maximize your profits.

MBMI Answers is driven by our Executive Leadership Team. Between them, they have almost a century of research experience at the highest level of consumer investigation. MBMI also partners with the top industry specific research companies in the world to provide unparalleled research products and methodologies, regardless of your business type.

In our constant quest for information, we use intercept, auditorium, focus, online, telephone, potentiometer, and other methods of data gathering. We process data not once, not twice, but three times, looking for trends, aberrations, opportunities, threats, and action step recommendations for your project. You never need to worry about a clerical error affecting your action plan.

Whether you need to answer one question or more than one hundred, for accurate and unbiased polling, for effective results and recommendations that move the needle at affordable pricing worldwide, contact MBMI today.