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MultiBrand Media International is fortunate to enjoy a close relationship with another of The MBMI Companies’ enterprises. Valoriant Safety, LLC is a security provider and education company designed for the needs of the entertainment industry. Valoriant creates preparedness plans for radio, television and film. They concentrate on the physical layouts of studios and sets, the needs of the performers and production staffs, management and, of course, the legal team. The company provides advice to secure large concert and outdoor performance events, and, where it’s necessary, Valoriant offers close personal protection from stalkers and other bad guys.

Valoriant Safety is supervised by Thomas F. Hughes, II who served twenty-six years at the United States Secret Service. He trained agents and provided close protection for four U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents and their families, beginning with Ronald Reagan. Tom and his team bring a similar level of 360-degree safety to your organization, through MBMI. Valoriant Safety is thorough, confidential, professional and intelligent, supporting its mission statement: ‘Peace of Mind. Worldwide.


The most respected and highly trained personal protection agency in the world.
We're the ones in the cool sunglasses.

Our team assess past, present and future threat levels that include operational geographies, correspondence, historical data and known concerns. Then they create a 360-degree strategy to keep you safe, in the same manner they were trained to protect the President of the United States. After training is complete, we remain available to update your plan and answer questions.

The training services that we offer include seminars that cover:

  • Personal safety,
  • High risk travel, including situational awareness, personal risk assessment, and best practices in hijackings, travel detainment/interruptions, and foreign civil unrest.
  • Profiling and identification of “At Risk” and “Disruptive” workers and customers.
  • Emergency preparedness and disaster planning for families, schools, governments and corporations.
  • Creating safe conference and event environments.
  • Arena protection, crowd and human flow control, including weapons screening procedures.

In rare situations that warrant it, we provide onsite security and VIP protection, utilizing former government agents and bodyguards.

Tom Hughes


Tom Hughes is a recognized expert in Security Know-How, Personal Protection, and Firearms.

After more than a quarter-century in Law Enforcement, Tom retired from the United States Secret Service in 2005. He supervised up to 100 highly trained field employees in the Presidential Protection, Dignitary Protection and Training Divisions. Tom protected four U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents and their families, supervised Presidential Inaugurations and Presidential visits. He was the co-founder of non-lethal marking training for the Presidential and Vice Presidential Protective Divisions and he designed and implemented High-Risk Tactical Training.

Since retiring from the USSS, Tom has provided personal protection for Aerosmith, George Thorogood and Cat Stevens. He is an accomplished public speaker and media spokesperson.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer of Valoriant Safety, Tom supervises creation of customized safety seminars and emergency preparedness plans for private individuals, groups, corporations and government. He personally designs and presents most seminars, needs assessments and curriculum designs. Where conditions warrant, Tom hand selects and directs protection details.

Tom Hughes is a graduate of George Mason University and lives outside of Washington, DC.