Robert Brndušič-Deduš

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Robert Brndušič-DedušFebruary 26, 2014

Senior Advisor and Authorized Agent

Robert serves as Senior Programming and Political Consultant for MBMI in Europe, overseeing Radio Operations and representing the MBMI Campaign Support Team in European countries.

Deduš is a new style communicator who founded Slovenia’s Medija Servis, a European media consulting and research provider, operated and marketed by MultiBrand Media International since 2012.

Robert’s unique approaches to product research, positioning and marketing, talent development, and overall brand management, have been recognized by many of Europe’s most influential media corporations. His fresh outlook, cutting edge ideas, and a balance of tried and true campaign management strategies for political candidates and parties have resulted in Robert’s highly sought after status as a key political advisor.

Robert speaks ten languages and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Srednja zdravstvena sola Maribor and he studied at Ljubljani University for Doctorates in Theology and Philosophy.