MBMI Learning

Adults often believe that their time to learn ended at the completion of their formal educations. Nothing could be further from the truth.  We continue to learn, grow as human beings, and apply the information that we gather to our careers, hobbies and families.

Every MBMI Learning team is captained by an accomplished behavioral expert, trainer, educator and speaker which enhances your training and development process. Your leader creates high concept learning materials, seminars and online sessions, that teach your team about specific areas of your business that are key to your success.

Industrial-technological processes

Security, Protection and Workplace Safety Training

Our business partner, Valoriant Safety, provides training, education and protective techniques, to lower the likelihood of workplace violence, either from the bad guys.



Nothing happens until someone sells something.  It’s true. MBMI Learning can teach your account executives and reps the best practices and approaches to prospect, identify and close even the toughest account.

In online, book, seminar or one-to-one sessions, MBMI trainers will teach valuable strategies and tactics to reach up the corporate ladder to decision-makers who will boost your profits.


Digital Platform Monetization

When someone tells you that it is impossible to make money from your digital platform, don’t believe it.  Instead, call MBMI Learning.  A “Go Team” will be ready with all of the information that you need to turn red ink into black.

We know the hidden secrets of online audience measurement, streaming audience quantification and qualification, and how selling in a digital environment is different from any other sales techniques your representatives have ever known.


Sustainability and Awareness Programs

MBMI Learning instructors offer Human Resources endorsed programs to encourage environmentally sustainable habits, harrassment and bias-free work environments, and conflict resolution.

Our team works closely with your legal advisors to create policy demonstrations and learning scenarios that raise the sensitivity of your entire organization, to create a friendlier workplace and provide protection from liability claims.